Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Tropical Delight" 12" x 16" Oil/canvas

The main subject of this still life is the the dragon fruit, or red pitaya, sometimes called strawberry pear.
It is really quite tasty and nutritious and best eaten chilled.   The one here had white flesh with black seeds, but some have red or magenta flesh.   The fruit grows on a vining cactus, the most common called night blooming cereus which has large beautiful white flowers.    Actually, perhaps next post on this blog I will  show a painting of mine depicting this particular cactus flower.  There are a couple of places here in Honolulu where I go take reference photos of these flowers every July.     They are grown in tropical regions around the world and on the big island of Hawaii.     In Hawaiian they are known as Pa-nani-oka or as panini o kapunahou.   

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