Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Yellow Plumeria" 5"x7" Acrylic

I have taken a lot of reference photographs of plumeria blossoms lately, as they are blooming profusely over the entire island right now.   Part of the year some of them not only stop blooming but lose their leaves as well.  I plan to paint some more plumerias using oil paints very soon.   As most of you know,  plumeria blossoms are popular for making leis.   

Yesterday I made a trip to the Honolulu Zoo mainly to take photos of various birds,  but I also took reference photos of some of the animals as well as the plumeria blossoms blooming there.  I spent 4 very productive and enjoyable hours at the zoo, and will go there again very soon.   I have been so isolated in my studio painting away to my heart's content that I felt like I just had to get out and about yesterday.   I am  presently working on a bird painting right now and felt the urge to go take more photos of birds so off I went to the zoo with one particular  bird in mind to capture on film that I had seen there about a year ago.   I was rewarded with several shots of the African Yellow-breasted Starling like I had hoped for.  

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions about this painting or about a possible commission,  please contact me at     This painting is priced at $150

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