Tuesday, July 27, 2010


5"x7" Oil on canvas

This painting was photographed today while still wet, right after I finished painting it.  It is on stretched canvas and the sides of the canvas have also been painted, so it can be hung unframed if so desired.  There are subtle touches of pink in the waves and water that the camera did not pick up fully.  Overall, I am satisfied with this painting.  I worked on two other miniature paintings today, as well, and both of them have been posted before as acrylics but today I reworked them in oils and I am much happier with the way they look now.   May post them again soon so you can compare the old version vs. the new oil version.   I much prefer working in oils and the way they handle and blend.


  1. Thanks for the three paintings, They traveled to Australia real well. The paintings were packed really well.

    I have just unwrapped them and am very happy with the paintings. I will post the third one to David on Monday (I did not unpack that one).

    Thanks so much these painting are so beautiful.

    The boxed style paintings are great, so far they are just sitting on my bedside table.


  2. Glad you are happy with your paintings. Appreciate your liking them so much; that encourages me!