Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Orchids Versus Depression

                                                                        8" x 10" Oil

The depression in the title of this painting is of course referring to the pink depression glass.  I have had those items for a long time and it felt good to finally paint this glass.   So many things I want to paint; so little time !!   So happy to finish this painting as I need to move on to something new for another competition.   I have several other still life reference photos with these cymbidium orchids and other still life props.    All in due time.....

Hope you enjoy this painting and please come back and visit again soon !

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Work on WIP (coffee, orchids, and depression glass)

                                                                     8" x 10" Oil

Worked on this some more this evening and it is beginning to excite me a bit to see how it is coming along so well.     Maybe the next session with it I will be able to complete this painting.    Once I saw it photographed on the computer, I realized that spoon handle might be a bit too long and tall so will have to adjust that.     The colors are pretty true in this photo;  I took a few photos outside in daylight and also some indoors with the painting on the easel under lights.    This was one taken outside.

As always, your comments and questions are most welcome !

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work In Progress (orchids, coffee, pink depression glass)

                                                              8" x 10" oil WIP

This is my next project to finish.  I had to set it aside for awhile so I could finish a larger, major piece which can be seen  here.     The above work in progress is in the very beginning stages, and I hope to finish it by this weekend.   It will be my first time to paint some pink depression glass I bought specifically to use as still life props.   Below is the reference photo I took of the set up.

You can probably see the paint smudges on this photo !   I really have been busy painting and doing art related projects and will try to post on this blog more frequently in the future.   I would like this blog to be a "daily" painting site of mine; however, I am not a fast, prolific painter by nature...at least, I don't usually finish a painting in one sitting or in a day's time.  We shall see what happens with that daily painting endeavor in the near future.  

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Greeting The Morning - Wood Duck"

                                                               6" x 8" Acrylic on panel

I had a grand time painting this!   Wood ducks are my favorite to paint in the waterfowl family.   This painting will be shipped -unframed-  free within the USA and shipping elsewhere will be $14.00. Please feel free to contact me at reynoldsrenditions@gmail.com or 808.536.0650 .


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                                                         June 1, 2011

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Basically the 8"x10"  painting will be given away in a drawing on June 1 this year, but only to one of  those who have subscribed  to  my monthly newsletter at that website   http://reynoldsrenditions.com/email-newletter      .  Sorry , but personal friends and family members are not eligible for this give away.   

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