Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work In Progress (orchids, coffee, pink depression glass)

                                                              8" x 10" oil WIP

This is my next project to finish.  I had to set it aside for awhile so I could finish a larger, major piece which can be seen  here.     The above work in progress is in the very beginning stages, and I hope to finish it by this weekend.   It will be my first time to paint some pink depression glass I bought specifically to use as still life props.   Below is the reference photo I took of the set up.

You can probably see the paint smudges on this photo !   I really have been busy painting and doing art related projects and will try to post on this blog more frequently in the future.   I would like this blog to be a "daily" painting site of mine; however, I am not a fast, prolific painter by least, I don't usually finish a painting in one sitting or in a day's time.  We shall see what happens with that daily painting endeavor in the near future.  

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