Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waikiki In Watercolor #1 and #2

                                                               5" x 7" Watercolor Study #1

Earlier this week two "firsts" happened !  For the first time in my life I painted en pleine aire , a French term for simply painting outdoors whatever you happened to be focused on.   The second "first" was .... it was the first time I had painted in watercolors in a very long time.    This is the first painting from that endeavor, and I had a grand time with it.   I found a nice shady spot in Waikiki looking towards the Waianae mountains and had a go at it.   I enjoyed it so much that I went back this Saturday morning (yesterday) and composed the painting below.

                                                          5" x 7" Watercolor Study #2

Both of these studies could use a little more touch up work; especially the horizon line on Study #2, but wanted to share what I have been up to lately.    I just began both of these paintings by laying in thin washes of color without sketching the scene first in pencil.    Seascapes come natural to paint for me which is why I chose these two for my first try at watercolor in ages.   As time goes on and I paint more pleine aire  studies,  I will chose more elaborate beach scenes or whatever strikes my fancy.   May try painting at the Honolulu Zoo if they will allow me to do that; will have to check into it.   There are many possibilities for subject matter in Waikiki and all over the island, for that matter.

Please contact me if interested in purchasing these paintings or for commissioning any subject matter you would like..    You may also search for other paintings here by going to the "Search This Blog" gadget in the upper right-hand corner of this page and typing in your choice of subject matter, such as seascapes, etc.  

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