Friday, August 19, 2011

"Beauty In Dark Waters" - Wood Duck

6" x 6" Acrylic on canvas

I just completed this new miniature and it was wonderful to combine two of my favorite subjects in one painting..... waterlilies and a Wood Duck.     I apologize for the photo of this painting not being the best, but after several tries I decided to settle on this one.  I will try again to take more photos of this painting later today before I post it to my main website's gallery of paintings.   I did make a blog post there with lots of information about Wood Ducks and included two of my reference photos for this painting.   To see this additional information visit here

I have been painting in acrylics and in miniature sizes to make things easier for me until I mend better after breaking my right elbow.  I do believe I will begin using my oil paints again very soon as I miss them so much.  Oil is my favorite medium.   

I did want to share that there is such a thing as ornamental Wood Ducks, and they come in such colors as apricot, white, and a beautiful silver .   They are not found in the wild, of course, but are instead the product of selected breeding and may be purchased to raise at .    You might enjoy just viewing the beautiful photographs of these ornamental Wood Ducks at that website.  

I welcome all comments and if interested in purchasing the above painting please contact me at   .   Mahalo !

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