Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pale Pink Ginger

Pink Bliss
4" x 4"
Finished this little gem earlier today.  This miniature is on stretched canvas on 3/4 inch stretcher bars.   It is painted on the sides so you don't need a frame unless you want one.     By the way, a wonderful company that makes custom frames  (for the very tiniest of well as larger frames) is or call them at 800.322.5899 .  

Everywhere you go in Hawaii there are beautiful ginger flowers.   I especially enjoy the pale pink variety shown in the painting above.    The rich red ones and the dark pink flowers are equally lovely, however.  

I am pricing this size painting at $70 .    I have also begun a painting of a pale pink Hibiscus blossom this same size.    Check back soon to view it; it would make a perfect companion to "Pink Bliss".

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