Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tomato And Mayonnaise Sandwich Half

"Tomato And Mayonnaise Sandwich Half"
8" x 8" Oil on canvas

I put finishing touches on this painting early this morning, but mostly completed it last night.   What a fun painting !   I also worked on the other tomato sandwich painting, but it has a ways to go yet to be finished.
In the above work, some of those black "dots" in the mayonnaise are black pepper specks.  I love to eat tomato sandwiches !  Below are some photos of different stages of this painting.

Work in progress
Very rough initial color lay-in

In progress
 Second stage

You can easily see how I change things a bit as I go;  in a way that is more creative than painstakingly drawing a detailed sketch on canvas and then "coloring" it.    With other mediums, like watercolor, one might have to by necessity make a detailed drawing first on paper; these photos of mine just show the way I personally like to work.   Everyone has their own method that works best for them, and that is as it should be.   
Please feel free to comment here or send me an email at if interested in purchasing "Tomato And Mayonnaise Sandwich Half" or any other original of mine.  Thank you for your interest and for visiting my blog !

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