Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pretty Exciting !

Iris -WIP
18" x 24" Oil on gallery-wrap canvas

Well, this new work in progress is very exciting to me !   It is a new subject to tackle -always exciting- and also it is a larger size canvas than what I have been working on lately.   Below is my reference photograph I took in a suburb of Salt Lake City a few years ago.    Even older photos can get me excited to begin a new work !

It is obvious I changed things a bit in the arrangement of the Iris in my painting and things may change more as the painting progresses.   The painting so far is just a very rough lay-in of color and will be more defined as time goes on.    
I also worked on my flamingo painting today (Saturday) and it is coming along just fine.   Have to wait for it to dry to put more details in later.  Stay tuned !

Studio:  Carol Reynolds
             P O Box 22246
             Honolulu, HI  96823-2246

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  1. Carol, hi! Glad to see you painting... I just sent you a regular email...