Sunday, November 6, 2011

Work and Rest - Images For New Paintings

It is still Sunday 30 minutes it will be Monday.   Sunday is usually my day of rest from painting and most other things as well, but I cooked several recipes (well, 3 recipes)  for enough food to last awhile so I will be pretty free to paint the next few days.  One recipe was homemade chicken soup some of which I will freeze for later.  Yes, cooking is creative too !   Yesterday I began two new paintings and hopefully they will be dry enough to work on again tomorrow morning.   Below are my reference photos for those new works.

Bee having a blast in a cereus cactus flower

Lesser  Flamingos

The photo of the Lesser Flamingos (which are native to Africa and Asia) I captured at the Honolulu Zoo.  I may paint it soon, but it is not the reference for the painting I began yesterday; the computer gave me a hard time uploading the correct photo.   The more I think about it now,  this might be a better painting than the one I began on Saturday    :-)

There are 4 other paintings I have begun that are in various stages of development  that I will also be concentrating on in between waiting for current works to dry before continuing them.   I just felt the urge to do some wildlife again .

Wish me happy painting the rest of the week !

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