Thursday, January 12, 2012

Extreme Makeover - Pink Plumeria

"Think Pink - Plumeria"
12" x 12" Oil on stretched canvas

Well, extreme to me.   Last September I posted this painting as an acrylic and it has bothered me every since.  I just was not happy with the painting the more I looked at it.    Finally it dawned on me it was simply not finished yet.  I went over it in oils the past couple of days and I am much happier with it.   To see the original version you may click here  .   The above photograph of the painting was taken outdoors.  Below is a photo of it shot indoors before it got daylight this morning.

You can easily see how the lighting makes a difference in the two photos.   By the way, plumeria blossoms are a favorite for the locals to make into leis. 

Please contact me for purchase information.   Also, I paint commissions of just about any subject except I do not paint portraits of people; if you have a favorite photo of a flower,your garden, or your home, etc., email me an image and we will talk.   

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