Monday, January 30, 2012

Jubilant (Children On The Beach)

8" x 10" Oil on gessobord

I photographed these children at a beach here on Oahu.  The little girl was positively jubilant, half dancing and half leaping and the expression on her face was precious.   I made the figures too small to see their expressions, but I wanted to show them against the vastness of the ocean.  Maybe another time I will paint a close up of the girl.   The seagulls I painted from reference photos of black-headed gulls (laughing gulls) that I photographed on Padre Island, Texas.    There are no seagulls in Hawaii, but I felt the painting needed them.

Seagulls are mostly scavengers and found along major continental coasts and inland waters where they find their food; they cannot feed in the open ocean like terns and some other seabirds.  Gulls sometimes visit Hawaii, perhaps during migration periods, but they soon leave for lack of proper habitat.   Just another note, there are no squirrels here either.   

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