Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dinard Blue Heaven Cattleya Orchid (Photos)

Photos of the Dinard Blue Heaven cattleya orchid have attracted a lot of attention on my photography blog...... (go here) ... and I thought I would share a few reference photos of that beautiful orchid with you here as I intend to paint it very soon.  I did make a post with one photo of "Blue Heaven" some time back on this blog, but thought I would share it again with more photographs.

Dinard Blue Heaven Cattleya Orchid

This orchid only had two blooms on it when I bought it and two very tiny buds.  Below is a photo taken of the buds as they were opening.  I took several shots of the buds and the flowers.   

I am pretty sure I will paint this orchid large, like on a 18" x 24" canvas or 24" x 24".   Below is a photo of all four flowers open in all their glory.

To me, Dinard's Blue Heaven is more of a lavender color than pale blue.   Alas, the plant died shortly after blooming because I have trouble growing orchids; African Violets and most other flowers thrive under my care, but not orchids.    

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