Sunday, April 1, 2012

African Violets And More African Violets

16" x 12" oil on canvas

The above painting of mine is of a chimera african violet which sold to a member of an african violet club who hyberdized  this particular variety.   A few years ago I did a series of paintings depicting various african violets in still life set-ups which told a "story".   

"The Agony, The Ecstasy"
12" x 16" oil on canvas

This painting tells a story about the artist Michelangelo:  the african violet's name is "Michelangelo" and the book is about his life.   I had a wonderful time setting up these african violet props and of course painting them.   It is about time I paint some more african violets.   If any of you african violet lovers out there would like to commission a painting of your favorite violet (or any other flower, for that matter) please feel free to contact me.    Below are some of my photographs of violets I have blooming in my studio at the present time.

This is an "oldie" and a great favorite of mine, Maverick's Faded Jeans.  I need to put down some new leaves to start some babies of this plant as this plant is rather old and I only have the one.   

The above two photos are of the african violet "Salmon Ella" , a new favorite of mine.  It is not a true pink or a red, but truly a salmon color.   I have babies of it I need to re-pot like right now.  

Watermelon Bay
Semi-miniature by Lyndon Lyon 

I hope to paint some of these before too long,  but at the present time I am working on some larger, major works.  Maybe I can squeeze in a small african violet painting as time goes on.

Thank you for viewing my art !