Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take Me There! (Places To Visit And Paint Before I Expire)

Been there, done that!  But I want to go back again to these Cathedral Rocks at Sedona, Arizona, and take more photographs and maybe do some plein air painting in the area.   This particular photo was taken by my ex-husband  (who is still my friend) when we made a trip to Sedona while we were still married.  Somehow my photos of the area are missing and any excuse to go back to Sedona will do!  I lived in Phoenix for five years, so I have visited Sedona numerous times; one can never tire of the beauty and the stunning red rocks there. 

"Contentment In Wyoming"
6" x 6" oil on canvas on panel

"Take Me Back" (Wyoming)
6" x 6" oil on canvas on panel

Wyoming is another state I would love to visit again, particularly around Jackson.  Also, I have never been to Yellowstone National Park even though I was near there.   It would be heaven to photograph that park and its wildlife.   Yellowstone is America's first National Park, established in 1872, and is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  For a link to view webcams of this park, please click here

Glacier National Park is on my must do list as well.   It is located in the Northwest corner of Montana and has over 700 miles of trails.  For webcams of this park, go here

Yosemite National Park would be a dream to visit.  It covers about 1200 square miles and is about 4 hours from Sacremento, California.   I was near there as well a few years ago, but never made it to the park.   

I lived for a few months in Seattle, Washington, and was awe-struck by the magnificance of Mt. Ranier.  However, I never made it to the park area of Mt. Ranier ;  just viewed the mountain from the Seattle skyline.   That would be a fantastic place for me to visit and take reference photographs.  I understand there is a wildlife park near there as well that would be a "must-do" for me.

If any of you have photographs of these areas you would like to share with me, it would be most appreciated.   Also, you could commission me to paint on canvas from your favorite photograph.

It is true that I live in Hawaii, a paradise with its own unique and beautiful scenery, so you may wonder why I want to travel to so many other places.   Just for the fact that I love to travel and see new sights; it is quite inspiring to me as an artist.   There are other places I have been (like Taos and Sante Fe) that would be wonderful to visit again as well.  

Currently I am busy working away on 3 new paintings; please visit here again soon!


  1. are stunning landscapes, immense!

  2. Thank you, Sadeu. I admire your landscapes very much!