Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tropical Beauty- Singapore Plumeria (Reworked)

"Tropical Beauty - Singapore Plumeria"
9" x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas 

White plumeria blossoms, or frangipani, are especially elegant although the various pink and yellow varieties are quite lovely as well.   I love them all!  Everywhere you look there are plumeria trees throughout the Hawaiian islands.   Their blossoms are quite popular for making leis.   

I reworked this painting today and am much happier with it now. Basically, I added more violet and blue to the flowers and increased the contrast.  The earlier version may be seen by going here    


  1. Such beautiful colors in this lovely painting. Love the design too!

  2. Thank you, Julie. Your flower paintings are alive with color and a real delight !