Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Carnival Glass Egg Cup

"The Carnival Glass Egg Cup"
8" x 8" oil on canvas

I found this carnival glass egg cup on Ebay about 3 years ago and this is my first attempt to paint it.  The copper kettle just seemed to fit and of course I felt the eggs needed to be there as well.   The flowers in the vase in the reference photo I took were gerbera daisies but these peonies worked better for the completed painting.
Word of advice to artists :   Don't let your furry pet position itself between the fan and you and the easel !
;-)    My mostly white calico cat did just that without my realizing it while I was painting and "here a hair, there a hair"  (fur, I mean) appeared on my painting at random times.   Lesson learned.   Oh, I did remove the fur from the painting    Did I dare move the cat.....of course not!  The fan went off instead.