Thursday, December 13, 2012

Outta Whack

Lesser Flamingo
Photo by Carol Reynolds  

This lesser flamingo photo rather shows how I have been feeling lately; I was going strong with my painting and then my back went outta whack!   Stay tuned for more paintings soon.   I will attempt to paint tomorrow; I am almost finished with one landscape and have another one off to a good start.   

Speaking of landscape paintings, on Matthew Innis' blog he has an informative article about  an excellent young artist, Dan Schultz, which shows a step-by-step procedure of a painting in progress to its completion, as well as other works by this artist now residing in Ojai , California.   I am always curious about what colors  other artists use, and the article gives Schultz's palette as well.  I personally should use a more limited palette, but I positively love color and enjoy trying various new colors from time to time so I have a wide assortment to chose from.   Check out

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