Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alert (Black-Crowned Night Heron or 'Auku'u)

12" x 12" oil on canvas

This oil painting of a Black-crowned Night Heron, or 'Auku'u in Hawaiian, was finished late last night.  I had a grand time with it, working from one of my photographs I had taken at Hamakua Marsh in Kailua on Oahu.  It was a perfect shot of a quick turn of the heron's head as he caught sight of something nearby.   I was so focused on the heron that I have no idea what he saw.  

Thought you might like to see a close-up of the heron in the image above.  Below is the rough layout of the painting at the very beginning stage.

I had previously posted the above photo on this blog a few days ago.   I had originally intended to paint waterlilies in the water, but decided against it as the painting progressed.

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