Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slide Rock Sedona And Works In Progress

Slide Rock Sedona 
6" x 8" oil on linen
Work In Progress

Today I worked on this oil painting of a scene at Slide Rock Park in Sedona, Arizona.  It still has a ways to go to bring to completion.    I positively love everything about Sedona.  Well, except maybe that it has built up too much , but there is still plenty of beautiful red rock scenery to gawk at.  

Below is another rough beginning on canvas today:

It is a 12" x 12" oil of a Black-Crowned Night Heron .  I just felt like doing a wildlife painting as a change of pace from the landscapes I have been doing lately.     Thought some of you new visitors might like to see how I put a piece of cardboard on the easel behind each painting; it helps keep paint from flying against the wall behind.   Also I use some tac putty and stick my reference photographs on the cardboard to have as a handy reference as I paint.  In the upper right hand corner you can see part of the reference photo for the above painting of Slide Rock.   

Check back soon to view the completed paintings.  

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