Friday, February 22, 2013

Brazilian Cardinal (Work In Progress- Oil Painting)

Brazilian or Red-Crested Cardinal
Photo by Carol Reynolds

Isn't this a charming fellow !   I just wanted to share another photo of the striking Brazilian Cardinal. They were introduced to Hawaii around 1930.  They are abundant on Oahu and I believe I like them better than the mainland's common red cardinal, which is also found in Hawaii and was introduced here in 1929.   Below is my oil painting of the red-crested cardinal in stage 3 of development .... still have a long way to go.

Stage 3  Work In Progress 
Brazilian Cardinal 
oil on panel 

I need to make more adjustments to his body shape and feathers and add a lot more detail everywhere.  Having a blast with this painting!


  1. What a beautiful bird! Lucky you to have been able to get the photo of it. The painting is coming along nicely too.

  2. Thank you, Linda. I have been enjoying your new paintings.

  3. very good job of birds, Carol : )