Friday, March 8, 2013

High Key or Low Key? Plus Shipping Boxes For Paintings

"Tropical Delight"
12" x 16" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Although the above still life oil painting of the pitaya or dragon fruit has some darks within it, to me it is basically a high key painting and I had a grand time with the exciting colors.   I am currently working on more than one painting, and one of them is a still life of yellow daffodils which I want to be mostly high key with a lot of light colors; however, it is not exciting enough to me and rather ho-hum looking, so I may have to add a dark table top for more contrast.   But I also hope to liven up the colors a bit.   Stay tuned.   The above painting is from a previous post, but I thought I would share it again for new viewers to this blog.

Now about shipping boxes for paintings (which is the primary reason for this post tonight).......  To ship framed paintings to galleries or art competitions my personal opinion is go with Air Float Systems Strongbox
Their strong corrugated boxes have been tested by FedEx and UPS for resistance to damage and are approved by major airlines.  They are re-usable and inside have 3 foam layers to protect your framed painting.   There is an excellent video at their link above with a short demonstration.   

Another good source is EZArtshippers found at  I ran across that information tonight on Carol Marine's blog .   They are great for shipping or storing paintings on panels.  I will check them out.

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