Sunday, May 19, 2013

Still Kickin' !! Floral Still Life Reference Photographs

The above photograph of pink roses and white anthurium was taken by me about 2 years ago, and so were the following reference photos below.     I love flowers and thought I might begin a new painting tomorrow.  My last post of a work in progress was of yellow daffodils and somehow I just couldn't get up enough enthusiasm to finish it.   I have spent some time away from the easel and pursuing other interests, but just wanted to let you know I'm still kickin'!  Enjoy my reference photographs below.

This arrangement rather excites me!  That Mexican style egg cup is one of my favorites.   

The reflections in the vase and silver teapot came out nice in this shot above.

By the way, all of these reference photographs I shot on the counter top in my kitchen.   The light is excellent there!  Besides what fun it is to photograph these still lifes, there is enjoyment in arranging the cut flowers as well.   
A little birdie told me to get busy blogging again, so please stay tuned for new paintings !

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