Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Looking Beyond - Completed (Oil Landscape With Woman And Mountains)

"Looking Beyond"
6" x 8" oil on linen on panel 

Wow!  Did this oil landscape with the Wasatch Mountains go through lots of changes to bring it to completion.    Of course, all artists know that a painting is never really finished; you just reach a stopping point.   I could have dabbled here and there on this work for another 3 hours or so.   What most people who are not artists don't realize is that a small piece such as this one can take as long or longer to paint than a 11" x 14" canvas.....or larger.   So this painting is a steal for $375 !   I made a lot of changes as the painting progressed.     Scroll down to the previous post on Sunday to see one of its stages as well as the reference photograph of mine.   

Please contact me if you would like to purchase this painting   reynoldsrenditions@gmail.com  

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