Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jim McVicker - Landscape, Seascape, Still Life Oil Painter (Video)

I have long admired Jim McVicker's still life work, but when I saw the video  "Jim McVicker: A Way of Seeing" I was extremely impressed with his landscapes and seascapes as well.  Unfortunately, when I go to YouTube to download this documentary about him and his work, it is nowhere to be found.  It is a 30 minute video and if you go straight to YouTube you may find it.    Below is another video.... it is not a "how to paint" video, but rather a visit to his studio where you may see samples of his work.  Enjoy !!

I will post more of my own new works soon.

Artist Update:  I watched this video again all the way through, and when the video ends there is a link to several videos , including the one "Jim McVicker: A Way of Seeing" which is 30 minutes long and is a documentary on the artist and his work and shows some beautiful California scenery while  McVicker paints plein air.  I wish I were more computer savvy ; hopefully that link will always appear at the end of the above  video and you may view it easily.

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