Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Long Gone Older Figurative Works

"Wine And Roses 1"
oil on canvas 

This painting is no longer in my possession; it was painted around 1988, as you can probably tell because I was not as experienced as I am now and there are some glaring mistakes.   But I rather liked it at the time.  Below is another oil painted about the same time; the object was to paint on the theme of wine and roses.

"Wine And Roses 2"
oil on canvas

Again, some obvious no no's in this work. Both of the paintings shown were painted purely from my imagination.  If I had used actual women models and props,  I am sure the outcome would have been much better.   Again, this was way back in 1988.    I just thought I would share these older works with you as I am considering doing more figurative paintings in the future for a change of pace.   

Stay tuned for new work !

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