Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pink Moon and Seascape Works In Progress - Eternity Beach and Diamond Head (And Clarifying Previous Post)

Diamond Head From The Hilton 
Photo by Carol Reynolds

The above photo of Diamond Head Crater (an extinct volcano)  was taken in the early morning from the beach at the Hilton in Waikiki.  Perfect timing with the boat being there !   Below is the beginning stages of a 6" x 6" acrylic of this scene.

Very very rough beginning of Diamond Head 
6" x 6" Acrylic WIP

Eternity Beach 
Photo by Carol Reynolds

This is Halona Beach on Oahu, but the locals call it Eternity Beach because of the old movie "From Here to Eternity" that had a scene filmed here with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.   I am working on another 6" x 6" painting of this scene as well, shown below.

Eternity Beach WIP   
Again, very rough work in progress

If you scroll down to the previous post made yesterday, Monday,  I announced 15% off on any paintings of mine until and through December 2, 2013.   That special is for anyone and everyone,  not just followers of this blog or those on my email list.       The special for followers and for those on my email list pertains to the Watercolor DVD  giveaway only.   I just needed to clarify that .  If you are interested in the drawing for the videos, please either follow this blog or sign up to receive my blog posts by email above in the top left side bar.   You could be the winner of a free watercolor DVD !

Below is what greeted me early this morning when I stepped out on my lanai (patio) at sunrise :

Pink Moon 
Original photo by Carol Reynolds

Love it ! There was a nice pink glow to the sky and clouds, but the sky was lighter than this image shows.   

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