Thursday, January 29, 2015

Work in Progress - Oil Landscape Painting (Dubois WY) by Landscape Artist Carol Reynolds

Reference Photograph by Carol Reynolds
Wind River Bank in Dubois, Wyoming

This reference photograph above was taken on the banks of the Wind River in Dubois, Wyoming, several years ago and below is a photo of  my work in progress oil painting of this scene.

WIP   Wind River Bank - Dubois, WY
12" x 16" oil on panel

The color is a bit exaggerated in the above image, but I often do that at the beginning of a new work.  I will tone it down some as I continue with the painting.   Besides,  I tend to want to exaggerate color somewhat for beauty's sake and my own personal preferences.

I work in stages; this stage will have to dry completely before I begin work on it again.   Which is not a bad thing, as I am considering painting another Wyoming landscape soon and may begin work on the new one while the present painting is in the process of drying.    Below is the reference photo I took over a decade ago, which is true also of the photo of the above scene on Wind River.

Wyoming Reference Photo by Carol Reynolds

Thank you for viewing my art !

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