Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wyoming Oil Landscapes - Next Stages of Works in Progress

"Art and I have an agreement..... I won't ask where we are going and art won't ask, "Why me?"
-Bob Brendle

Pinnacle Buttes Wyoming
Reference photo by Carol Reynolds

Shown below is stage 2 of my oil painting of Pinnacle Buttes in Wyoming.

WIP  Stage 2 oil painting of Pinnacle Buttes
16" x 20" on gessobord

I wish now I had chosen an 18 x 24 canvas or preferably a 15" x 30" size for this work.   The mountains are way too large here and much work needs to be done. 

Below is stages 2 and 3 of the WIP of Wind River #2 oil painting.

Stage 2

Stage 3
Wind River WY
8" x 10" oil on gessobord 

The orange hills need quite a bit of toning down.   I am rather excited about this work.  

"Bring something new, something beautiful and something filled with light into the world."   This art quote by Ross Bleckner could also very well apply in a spiritual sense as well.   When you think about it, art can be rather a type of a spiritual experience. I feel extremely spiritual and/or I am reminded of the Creator especially when I paint clouds.  Just a note,  I have been considering doing a series of sky paintings, or perhaps with some landscape or ocean showing in the work but with the sky predominating.    

I am reminded here of another quotation, this time by Martin Kippenberger: "A good artist has less time  than ideas."    I have so many ideas for new works, but there will never be enough time to complete or begin most of them.  Time is short and I am getting older.   

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