Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wyoming Oil Landscapes (Works In Progress) and WY Reference Photos by Landscape Artist Carol Reynolds

Wind River at Dubois WY
Reference photo by Carol Reynolds

I could not resist painting this scene of the Wind River in Dubois, Wyoming; I particularly like the broken tree log in the foreground.   Below is the beginning stage of the painting.

Work In Progress Wind River #2
8" x 10" oil on gessobord

This is obviously the very first lay-in of color.   I "sketch" on the panel with the brush and general color instead of drawing lines or painting it in grey or sepia.   I have always worked in this manner.
Below is another reference photo I posted previously, but today I began an oil painting of the scene below so I am showing the photo again.

Pinnacle Buttes WY
Reference photo by Carol Reynolds

And below is the beginning stage of the painting from the above photo:

Pinnacle Buttes WY  16" x 20" 
Oil Work In Progress by Carol Reynolds

To be honest, I hesitated to show these two paintings in the very very very beginning stage, but then it occurred to me that you might like to see how they progress as time goes on.   Sometimes, in my anticipation to begin work on them, I forget to take photographs of each stage.   But with these two works I will make an extra effort to remember to record each stage by photos.  

Below are some more of my Wyoming reference photographs you might enjoy.

Grand Tetons Wyoming
Reference Photos by Carol Reynolds 

The photograph directly above just screams out to add buffalo grazing, as many other artists would  do. 

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Looking again at my above reference photographs gets my enthusiasm to a great big high and I want to paint all of the above images at once !

Thank you for viewing my art !

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