Monday, March 16, 2015

What's On The Easel - Oil Paintings In Progress (Water Lilies and Barns)

"I just make stuff that transports me to a happier place where I can hum and whistle.  Art can do that."   - Joel Haas

Blue Water Lily and Bee
Photograph by Carol Reynolds

This is one of many photographs I have taken of the water lilies at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.   I have meant to paint from this reference photo for a long time and today was the day I finally began a rough lay in with oils on gallery wrapped canvas . The very beginning stage is shown below.  Much work needs to be done and, yes, I intend to include the bee in the painting.

Blue Water Lily
9" x 12" oil  Work in Progress

Below is another photograph, this time of red water lilies; although, I admit, they look more like a dark pink.

Red Water Lilies - photograph by Carol Reynolds

This photograph is a reference for the oil painting in progress shown below:

Stage One of oil water lilies
12" x 16" oil on gallery wrap canvas

I wasn't very satisfied with the colors and the arrangement so I changed things up a bit in the very very rough work in progress below.

I intend to make some lily pads a brownish-pink and also maybe more pink in the water.   I wanted bright red water lilies but may change them to a dark pink for more color harmony.  I have really been experimenting with this painting.

Below is a rough beginning stage of barns in a field of wildflowers.  It has a long way to go.

8" x 10" oil work in progress

I felt the need to work small for a while, but once I finish these 3 paintings I intend to paint some larger works.    

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