Saturday, May 9, 2015

Took a Break, Took Photos at Foster Botanical Gardens Oahu

"I have not tried to reproduce nature: I have represented it."  Paul Cezanne

Cannonball Tree Flowers
Photography by Carol Reynolds

Since it is May, it is time for the Magnolia Trees on Oahu to bloom.  They are rare introductions on this island, and I only know of two spots where there are magnolia trees.   One is at Foster Botanical Gardens, so I went there this morning to see if I could photograph it.  There were no blooms on the tree there and no buds whatsoever.   I went later to the other tree in a Makiki suburb of Honolulu and that magnolia tree had several buds on it so I will return there again in 4 or 5 days.    

The photograph above was taken at Foster Botanical Gardens this morning, and I have several photos of  the cannonball trees there.  For more information, visit my photography blog  here and once there in the box saying "search this blog" type in cannonball tree.   I am sorry, but I could not get the link to work on the exact post there.   

Below are more photographs showing the cannonball shaped fruit on this tree, which when it falls to the ground it makes a loud cannon-like sound and also gives off a foul odor. 

Foster Botanical Gardens has a nice gazebo, and today when I first arrived there a wedding was being held at the gazebo.   I have several other photos of this gazebo taken previously, but the one below I took today.    I fully intend to paint this gazebo soon.

Below is a shot of an ornamental pineapple plant at the gardens today.

It felt good to get out and take photographs today, but now I need to finish some paintings I have started .   Please stay tuned !

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