Friday, July 31, 2015

"A Special Time And Place" - Oil Seascape Painting with Sunset

"A Special Time And Place"
9" x 12" oil on canvas

This oil seascape painting at sunset just cries out loud, "Hawaii".    I painted it from my imagination, however, but it is typical of what you see in the Hawaiian Islands.    This work is a revised version of a painting I did quite some time ago and I had been intending for a long time to rework it and liven up the color a bit.   Below is the original version.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"The Heavens Declare" - Oil Landscape Painting with Sunset and Barn

"The heavens declare the glory of God......." - Psalm 19:1

"The Heavens Declare"
12" x 16" oil on canvas

For the most part, I finished this oil landscape of a sunset and barn last night, and then put a few finishing touches on it a little while ago this morning.  Hope you enjoy !

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

New On The Easel - Oil Landscape of Sunset and Barn (Work In Progress) plus Sunset Photos

Barn with Sunset
12" x 16" oil - Work in progress

This is the third stage of this oil landscape with a barn and sunset sky.   Hopefully it will be finished in the next painting session.   It needs more work everywhere and it needs a more exciting and colorful foreground grassy area; but not too colorful as it is sunset time.   This scene is mostly from my imagination, although I had a reference photograph I had taken of the barn in which the sky was a mid-day blue with all white clouds.    I have taken many photographs of sunrises and sunsets, and below are 4 of my sunset reference photos.

From the beach, Kauai Hawaii

Leeward Oahu, Hawaii

MacArthur Park at Sunset
Los Angeles, California

I have meant to paint this scene pretty much as depicted in the photograph, but I have never gotten around to doing it.   Notice the ducks in the water.

Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana

Now that I think about it, I believe this was taken at sunrise but I thought I would include it here anyway as the sky is so fantastic.  It is a little blurry but the sky is still good reference for a painting. I took it from the window in our hotel room.   

Please return to view the completed barn painting shown above. 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Handy Containers For Damaged Paint Tubes

It occurred to me that artists might be interested in how to save and store damaged paint tubes and the above picture shows you my solution.   It would help to remove the spice labels and add a label with the color of the paint inside.   It also might help to keep them free of cat fur !   I didn't realize the fur was on the outside of the containers until I took the above photo.

This is a good idea when the lid won't fit on the paint tube anymore, or the side of the tube is slit or has a hole in it.   I have had oil paint last for years this way.    For those readers who are not artists, these spice containers are good to hold small nails or tacks, as well as paper clips and buttons, and you name it.   

I store all my watercolor  paints in these plastic containers.   They keep fresh.   I have not painted a watercolor in about 4 years, if I remember correctly.   Sometimes I think I ought to sell these w/c tubes or donate them to an art association or a teacher or a student in need.   But then I think, what if I go back to painting watercolors again?

As you can see, these are top brands of paint and are in excellent condition.   The back container is full of all Daniel Smith watercolors.  Just thought I would share this little tip, especially the spice containers.

I am busy working on an oil sunset painting right now.   Please check back soon to see the progress.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Sweet Hour" Oil Landscape (Utah Country Scene)

"Sweet Hour"
16" x 20" oil on canvas

This morning I completed this oil landscape of a country scene in Utah.  I may need to work on the brown fence a bit more, but then again, the fence has a rustic charm to it.  It has been awhile since I made a post so I wanted to show you what I have been up to even though I may tweak this painting a little more.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Utah Oil Landscape - Stage 3 (Work In Progress)

Utah Landscape - Stage 3
16" x 20" Work In Progress

This oil landscape of a scene in Utah is progressing well; but it still is not where it needs to be as yet.
There is more green grass in the background, which is good, but to the natural eye under natural light there is not that much yellow in the foreground..... I believe my camera has a tendency to exaggerate the yellow.  There will be more orange in the foreground and I am still considering adding the fence as well as a woman and her dog.   The next post will be of the completed painting.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Utah Oil Landscape - Stage Two Work In Progress

Utah Oil Landscape - Stage Two
Work In Progress  16" x 20"

This oil landscape of a scene in Utah with the Wasatch Mountains in the background still has a ways to go to be completed.   I will tone down and mute the yellow grass more and define the trees and shrubs in more detail.   I intend for that shrub in the left foreground to be a Rose of Sharon, if I leave it in place.   If you scroll down to the previous post, you will see that there will be a fence in the foreground with a woman and her dog at the fence.   That is, unless I change my mind.   That is the fun of creating, rather going with the flow and sometimes letting the painting (and not my mind) dictate which direction to follow.   I do plan things out when I begin a new work; or I at least have a general idea or concept in mind.   I may do a series of Utah pioneer scenes and interiors.  

Please return soon to see the completed painting .