Saturday, July 25, 2015

New On The Easel - Oil Landscape of Sunset and Barn (Work In Progress) plus Sunset Photos

Barn with Sunset
12" x 16" oil - Work in progress

This is the third stage of this oil landscape with a barn and sunset sky.   Hopefully it will be finished in the next painting session.   It needs more work everywhere and it needs a more exciting and colorful foreground grassy area; but not too colorful as it is sunset time.   This scene is mostly from my imagination, although I had a reference photograph I had taken of the barn in which the sky was a mid-day blue with all white clouds.    I have taken many photographs of sunrises and sunsets, and below are 4 of my sunset reference photos.

From the beach, Kauai Hawaii

Leeward Oahu, Hawaii

MacArthur Park at Sunset
Los Angeles, California

I have meant to paint this scene pretty much as depicted in the photograph, but I have never gotten around to doing it.   Notice the ducks in the water.

Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana

Now that I think about it, I believe this was taken at sunrise but I thought I would include it here anyway as the sky is so fantastic.  It is a little blurry but the sky is still good reference for a painting. I took it from the window in our hotel room.   

Please return to view the completed barn painting shown above. 

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  1. Wow! Lovely painting and great photos too. :)

  2. Thank you, Vinayak. I have been admiring your recent work and look forward to more beautiful work that you will do.