Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Utah Oil Landscape - Stage Two Work In Progress

Utah Oil Landscape - Stage Two
Work In Progress  16" x 20"

This oil landscape of a scene in Utah with the Wasatch Mountains in the background still has a ways to go to be completed.   I will tone down and mute the yellow grass more and define the trees and shrubs in more detail.   I intend for that shrub in the left foreground to be a Rose of Sharon, if I leave it in place.   If you scroll down to the previous post, you will see that there will be a fence in the foreground with a woman and her dog at the fence.   That is, unless I change my mind.   That is the fun of creating, rather going with the flow and sometimes letting the painting (and not my mind) dictate which direction to follow.   I do plan things out when I begin a new work; or I at least have a general idea or concept in mind.   I may do a series of Utah pioneer scenes and interiors.  

Please return soon to see the completed painting .

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