Monday, August 10, 2015

Barn Reference Photographs for Artists

The photograph above of a Michigan barn was taken by me a few years back and I am making it available as a reference for artists to paint from.   The same is true of my barn photos below.   Feel free to use them without me raising any objections...... you do not have to worry about copyright infringement.    Just remember that I may end up painting the same barn myself in the near future.  Giving me credit for the reference photograph would be nice but is not necessary.   For you viewers who are not artists, enjoy the scenery and if you have a particular barn or other reference photo that you would like me to  paint for you a commission in oils or acrylics, just email me at   I can also paint you a commissioned work from one of these barns on this post.

Below is an old barn photograph which I took over 40 years ago in Massachusetts with a very inexpensive camera.   The original photo only measures 3.5 inches square.   I just thought I would include it for the fun of it and to also save it on my computer for future reference.

Please stay tuned as I am still painting away !

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