Monday, June 20, 2011

Harbor In Paradise

6"x6" Acrylic on Raymar panel

This harbor is near Ala Moana beach park in Honolulu.  I painted it pretty true to the reference photo I had taken a couple of months ago.   It was also painted right before I broke my right elbow on June 3 .  Since my right arm is of course still in a cast, I cannot hold a camera properly to photograph my paintings so I scanned the original painting on my printer to be able to post it here.  I personally believe the camera is more true than the scan on the printer, but wanted to share this painting with you and let you know I am looking forward to when I will be able to paint again in a few weeks.  Typing with my left hand index finger is slow going as well, so will be grateful when I can type normally again. 

Thank you for stopping by and please visit again soon.    It will be August before I can begin painting again, but I will be posting any news and photos before then.

Please feel free to comment and to inquire about purchasing this or another painting.


  1. I have such a difficult time painting that small... wow, and there is so much detail here... like I said, wow!

  2. Thank you, Teresa. I find it easier to paint detail on larger canvases, but the miniatures are fun!