Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost Sunset - Kekaha Beach

6" x 6" Acrylic on panel

This painting of the southwestern shore or leeward side of Kauai is pretty true to the reference photo I took there about four years ago.   It really was near sunset time and the beach sand had a nice orange glow instead of a daytime bleached white look.   This area is more scenic than swimmable as the surf and currents are dangerous and unpredictable with sharp coral present as well.   There are experienced surfers that brave the waters, but for the average person it is best not to venture into the ocean there unless the water looks calm.    This area is the longest  uninterrupted beach on Kauai, about a 15 mile stretch.    There are some nice videos on YouTube of this area; at the time I visited there I did not have a camera with video capabilities.

This painting is cause for celebration !   It is my first painting to attempt since I broke my right elbow on June 3.   It felt wonderful to be painting again and everyone can look forward to my making more frequent posts to this site from now on .    So please stop by again soon and see what is new on the easel.

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