Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Somewhere Spring Flowers - reworked

"Somewhere Spring Flowers"
5" x 7" Oil on canvas on panel

I stayed busy today painting to my heart's content.  I wanted to add more bluebonnets to this painting I first posted here on October 31.   The title of this painting says "Somewhere" but it is somewhere in Texas along the highway between towns; so exactly where this scene was I am not sure.    I use to live in Texas and every Spring I took great pleasure in photographing the wildflowers there.  To see the previous post of this painting go here

I also worked on my flamingo painting today but I am having trouble with the flamingo's body.   I think I need to make the flamingo a bit larger.   Actually, it was larger but the proportions weren't exactly right so in trying to correct it I made it smaller.....too small.  Below is where it stands now.
work in progress
16" x 8" Oil on canvas

It is rather embarrassing to show this obvious mistake, but actually seeing it photographed here helped me see my error more clearly.   Sometimes when you have your face right in the painting while working, you lose sight of "the big picture".    Also, the pink waterlilies would be better if they were white maybe.   Painting is really a problem solving process !

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