Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello Halo (Seascape - Full Moon)

"Hello Halo"
6" x 12" Oil on canvas

This painting was finished earlier today (Tuesday) and I am rather pleased with the results; it is my first time to paint a moon with a "halo".  It is on stretched canvas and the sides of the canvas are also  painted so you do not need to frame it; however, I recommend framing all paintings to give them the quality look they deserve.  This scene is not a typical Hawaiian beach... more like Florida or the East Coast beaches.  It was created totally from my imagination except I have taken several photographs of the moon with a halo.

Below is a much improved version of my earlier post of the landscape with a rainbow.   I liked it so much I made it my new "Header" at the top of this blog.

"Somewhere Under The Rainbow"
6" x 12" Oil on canvas

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