Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Palm Trees, Dental Floss, And Works In Progress

Reference photo of Haleiwa, Oahu

What do palm trees, dental floss, and my recent works in progress have in common?  Lots!   Below is a rough lay-in of oil color on canvas of the above scene.

12" x 6" oil on canvas
work in progress

I did some research on the internet trying to find out what kind of palm tree that was with the white "flowers" on it, but soon realized that with nearly 3000 different species of palm trees throughout the world, my search   might take days and I would never get this blog post finished tonight !  I feel good about this initial color sketch and believe this painting will flow with ease.   By the way, that reddish color is not regular burnt sienna but Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Sienna which I prefer to use now.  I have all of the Daniel Smith Quinacridone colors in oil, acrylic, and watercolor and I highly recommend them.  Another interesting earth color by this manufacturer is Sedona Genuine; I have not checked their catalog lately but I hope they still make that color as I use it fairly often in landscapes.

About the dental floss, it is one of many things made from the palm tree.   Other uses include shoe polish, surfboard wax and on and on.   Below is another landscape I am working on at present along with the reference photograph I took while in a moving vehicle.  I wish I could remember where this scene was located. 

My reference photo
rough color sketch
8" x 16" oil

I may only put a portion of the fence in my painting. The three horses need to go back farther into the middle ground.   I suppose it is obvious that I compose as I go, rearranging and experimenting all the while.  Each artist has their own way of working; I never make a complete sketch before I begin laying in color, unless I am working in watercolor, then I partially sketch the subject.   

Thank you for visiting my blog and please return again soon to view the progress on these and other paintings.

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