Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Works In Progress and Handy Studio Tool

This photo gives you an idea of how I set up my easel to work.  That is a well used piece of cardboard that rests on the easel and I stick my reference photos on it using UHU tac, a removable adhesive putty.  There may be other brands of the product, but that is the only kind I can find in Honolulu.   On the bottom are two oil seascapes (5"x7") that I will finish soon.  The two tulip and japanese iris photos above are references to the first lay-in of color on the 9"x12" oil shown below.

Work In Progress
9"x12" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Do you artists ever find that sometimes paint tube lids get "stuck" and are difficult to open?  For really tough cases I have lit a match and put the flame around the lid to loosen any dried paint that is causing the lid to not open.   A handy tool to keep in the studio to solve this problem is shown below.

Yep, it's a nutcracker !  It really makes life easier in the studio.   

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