Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hawaiian Red Jungle Fowl (Photos)

The red jungle fowl in the Hawaiian Islands are to be seen almost everywhere.   Some are more tame than others, but most true red jungle fowl are to be found wild and in secluded rain forests.  The  bottom photo shown above gives a good close-up look at the colorful feathers.

This shot is so typical of Hawaii; the red jungle fowl and the slipper behind him.   I intend to paint another rooster very soon and this photo may be the one I use for reference.   It was taken at a beach on the island of Kauai .    More information on these beautiful birds may be found at my photography blog by going here

Please return soon for more new paintings.  Thank you for visiting !


  1. Karen, I love these roosters! They are so colorful and beautiful. Thank you for your comment.