Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daffodils And Red Tulips On The Easel (Works In Progress)

I thought you might like to see my easel setup and the two oil still life paintings I am working on right now.  I went back to the yellow daffodil painting and it is flowing much smoother now than previously.   Those red flowers with the daffodils will become more purple when finished.   The red tulips are practically painting themselves !  Both of these florals are painted in oils.   

As you know, most floor easels like mine shown above have "gaps" with no wood behind where you put your canvas to work on.   When you are painting small works and miniatures, this can be a problem.   I solved it by placing a piece of cardboard between the back of the easel and the artwork; it is also great to put my reference photos on with "Tac" putty, which is the white patches you can see on the cardboard.

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