Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Handy Containers For Damaged Paint Tubes

It occurred to me that artists might be interested in how to save and store damaged paint tubes and the above picture shows you my solution.   It would help to remove the spice labels and add a label with the color of the paint inside.   It also might help to keep them free of cat fur !   I didn't realize the fur was on the outside of the containers until I took the above photo.

This is a good idea when the lid won't fit on the paint tube anymore, or the side of the tube is slit or has a hole in it.   I have had oil paint last for years this way.    For those readers who are not artists, these spice containers are good to hold small nails or tacks, as well as paper clips and buttons, and you name it.   

I store all my watercolor  paints in these plastic containers.   They keep fresh.   I have not painted a watercolor in about 4 years, if I remember correctly.   Sometimes I think I ought to sell these w/c tubes or donate them to an art association or a teacher or a student in need.   But then I think, what if I go back to painting watercolors again?

As you can see, these are top brands of paint and are in excellent condition.   The back container is full of all Daniel Smith watercolors.  Just thought I would share this little tip, especially the spice containers.

I am busy working on an oil sunset painting right now.   Please check back soon to see the progress.

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