Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wet Panel or Wet Canvas Drying Racks

Yesterday I began a painting using the above reference photograph I took of a harbor not far from where I live in Honolulu.   The painting is such a rough lay-in right now that I am not posting it yet. 

 But this post is about something new for artists that you all might be interested in, especially if you travel frequently to plein air events.   They are called Dryangles and are made to hold and store several paintings up to 16 inches high.    You can choose either the rack for panels, or the rack that holds 3/4" canvases.....several artworks at once on one rack.   They are good for the studio as well as to display works on a table at outdoor art shows.  They fold flat so fit into your backpack or suitcase.   
For more information, go to .   

Stay tuned for progress on my oil harbor scene.  

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