Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It Came From Barnes And Noble

"Barnes and Noble Mug"
6" x 8" Oil on panel 

I fell in love with this mug from the bookstore Barnes and Noble and bought a set of 4 about 3 years ago.  One has since left this life due to a breakage, and I have never seen this particular mug in that store again.   Anyway, just completed this oil painting in the wee hours this morning.  I have been working on 5 paintings at once, as I have to wait for one to dry before I can proceed with more work on it and therefore I work on another painting while I wait.... and so on.   Below is the corrected and completed painting I posted here this past Sunday.

"Seeing Red"
6" x 8" Oil on panel

Both of the above paintings are available for your collection and will be shipped after 10 days to allow plenty of time for the oil paint to dry before packaging it for shipment.   Contact me at reynoldsrenditions@gmail.com for purchase information.     

Below is another WIP I will work on later today.   Those are persimmons and grapes on the plate; I plan to make the grapes more of a dark blue color, but we shall see what happens as I fling the paint around !

6" x 6" oil on canvas - work in progress

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