Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Landscape Paintings Of New Mexico

Evening - Taos Pueblo
18" x 24" Oil on canvas

This painting is no longer available as it was painted around 1987.   If I had it to do over again, I would not have painted that tree quite so dark and prominent....it looks almost pasted on.    But it was there in my reference photo so in it went.    The woman was not in the photo; I just made her up out of my imagination.

Stream at Taos Pueblo
12" x 16" Oil on canvas

This painting is in my own collection but now I am thinking I will offer it for sale.   It was painted 2 or 3 years   after the above shown "Evening - Taos Pueblo" .   I am thinking about improving the color in the stream; maybe even working on that tomorrow.  

Rio Grande - South of Taos
12" x 16" Oil on canvas

I completed this painting in February of this year.  This scene is somewhere near Embudo, New Mexico, and what caught my eye was the old wooden suspension bridge.    My reference photos taken years ago, even, can give me excitement and enthusiasm to begin a new painting.  The reference photo for this painting, taken around 10 years ago, is shown below.

Comparing the reference photo here that I took to the painting, you can see I used my artistic license where the use of color is concerned.   Sorry about the scribbles in the upper right hand corner of this photo; I had written information on the backside of this photo and over time it seeped through to be visible on the image.

I have more reference photos I have taken of my travels in New Mexico.   It is a very special place and even though I appreciate the Hawaiian climate,  I wouldn't mind living in New Mexico in a couple of areas where there is snow in the winter.   

Remember, if you have a special photo of your own that you would like to have turned into a painting, I do commissions of your favorite vacation spot, your home, your garden flowers, etc.    

Hopefully I will complete a new painting soon.   Please check back!  As I mentioned previously, tomorrow I may work on that Taos Stream  painting shown above.


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