Friday, October 14, 2011

Look What Followed Me Home Today !

Cattleya Orchid Dinard "Blue Heaven"
Reference photo

Yep !  Was out and about today and this beauty somehow followed me home !   It is really a pale lavender color and this one will definitely be painted with oils on a good size canvas.   Well,  12" x16" or 16" x 20" maybe.   I took a few quick photos of it earlier today and will take more photos tomorrow perhaps with some background print material and some still life objects. I did not attempt that today because I painted for awhile.  Below are some other lavender orchids that I photographed at various places on Oahu.   Enjoy!

Truly hope I find time to paint all of the above reference photos.   Let me know if you have any flower photos of your own that you would like me to capture in oils on canvas; send me an email for information.

Today I worked on the 4"x4" water hyacinth and started 2 new miniature still life paintings.   Stay tuned!

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